Hospitality without Borders


Wow, Lona, another dream of yours is now reality.  What an amazing place where your guests can watch the Aurora.  Only you would think of sharing this outdoor adventure in your back yard.


Vivian Squires

Comfortable and Welcomed

2016 Thank you for all your kindness! Your consideration made me feel comfortable and welcomed. With Love

So perfect! So Appreciated!

2016: So perfect! So appreciated! Thank you.

Thanks for making me feel very welcome

February, 2016 Thank you for the great accommodations and making me feel very welcome. Take care.

Kind neighbours and amazing hospitality

February 28, 2016 Hi Lona Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality. The B&B truly made my adventure in Yellowknife. I met some people on my tours who did not have good stories about their accommodation. I loved the breakfast, the facilities and the bed was so comfortable! Over the past year I have stayed in many hotels, hostels and B&Bs and your B&B was the most comfortable. I will recommend your B&B to all my friends. One of your kind neighbours let me use their phone this morning. I can't remember his name it begins with the letter 'P'. He says he is friends with your grandson. He told me to say hello! Thanks and goodbye.

You have been a great host

21/02/2016 Hi Lona Thank you for your hospitality! You have been a great host and we will definitely recommend our friends to your apartment if they were to come to Yellowknife.
Aaron, Stacy, Serene, Gabriel

I love your house

"Love your house. Thanks for everything." Martin

I enjoyed living here

Thanks for everything. I really enjoyed living in here.  It's sometimes easy to forget that there are nice people ou there doing nice things for others.  Thanks for being a reminder.  Best wishes for you.  

Jennifer (2015)