Lona's Homemade Bread  served at  Arctic Chalet B&B Yellowknife


1.1/4 cups warm water   -  freshly

melted snow or ice is best  choice

1 effervescent tablet Vitamin C

2 Tbsp oil  1 Tbsp butter

1tsp salt

2 Tbsp sugar  (brown or white) or maple syrup 

Note: Make own brown sugar by adding molasses to white sugar and stirring with gusto -- works perfectly

 1 heaping Tbsp  yeast (Instant or other dry yeast -- all work well.)

3.5 cups of flour  (start with a loaf of white and then progress to mixed white and whole wheat flour as you become more experienced)


Mix by hand or in bread mixer - on dough feature


Place dough on floured surface; handle with light touch; cut into two portions  roll dough into cyclinder; place dough on parchment on sheet or french loaf pan (highly recommended).


Place dough over COVERED simmering pot.    (Can use cookie sheet to do so, if needed.) Drape towel over dough.  Let rise for 35 minutes.  Heat oven to 370 C.  Place doubled-in-size dough in oven -- upper middle rack.

If propane stove:  place dish of water on lower rack to create steam

If electrical stove: throw cup of water in bottom of oven - lots of steam and works well

Bake for 35 minutes   Tap if it sounds hollow, is done.


Cool and place in plastic bag.  If not used same day, freeze (it has no additives and will go stale after a day).


Lona's Mini Quiche served at Arctic Chalet B&B Yellowknife

1. Line oiled cupcake molds with wonton wrapper

2. Add 1 Tbsp cooked rice to each mini quiche

3. Add cheese/tomatoes/ham/veggies to taste

4. Fill each with eggs beaten with ricotta/cream cheese or cream

5. Fill each mini quiche  with egg mixture - sprinkle with salt and pepper

6. Bake at 360 C for 15 minutes or until egg is done

7. Serve hot or cold



Greg's High Protein Granola served at Arctic Chalet B&B Yellowknife



Anna's Chocolate Chip Cream-cheese Softies served at Arctic Chalet B&B Yk